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NordØst Food & Cocktails


NordØst Food & Cocktails is a restaurant and cocktail bar at Solsiden in Trondheim. Our cuisine is based on local, Norwegian ingredients and flavors. These days, many of the best ingredients from the Norwegian coast are exported to Asia.


We bring the good flavors and techniques the other direction and provide the best local ingredients with a flavor of the East. North meets East!

Today many of the best raw materials from the Norwegian coast are exported to the Asian markets. Our vision is to bring the excellent tastes and techniques the opposite way and give the best local produce from Trøndelag a taste of the East. Steam buns with salmon from Frøya, sharing menus with king crab from Varanger and langoustine from Hitra, curry steamed mussels from Åfjorden, and crispy duck served in Chinese pancakes are just some of the dishes which have quickly become part of our signature. Every day, some of Norway’s best chefs are working tirelessly in our kitchen, striving to amaze our guests with an innovative approach to cocking, while simultaneously aiming to maintain the pure, honest, and fantastic taste of Trøndelag throughout our menu.

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It’s the contrasts. Between sweet and acidic, between soft and crispy, and between warm and cold. The interplay of colors, and of smells. At NordØst every day is dessert day. Belgian premium chocolate, fresh fruits, Asian citrus, coconut, meringue, fried and sugar-coated steam buns, matcha. A cup of freshly brewed black coffee from our favorite local producer Jacobsen & Svart. A worthy finish to a delicious Saturday evening or just a little something extra on a Wednesday, because you wanted it. Either way, our team of chefs and waiters are always ready to help sate that resilient hunger for something sweet.

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Reserve the space:
Experience the taste of NordØst Food & Cocktails. Whether you’re hosting a large event like a wedding or birthday party, or just a small get-together with friends, we are here to help you put together the perfect dining experience. In our “Panorama” room on our second floor we offer specially tailored experiences for you and your dearest guests, well tended to by our price winning chefs and bartenders, skilled waiters, and our sommeliers of both wine and sake. Specially tailored menus for groups, delicious cocktails, sake from some of Japans best producers and exciting wine and beer from our favorite producers are just some of the intriguing experiences we offer. Come experience the meeting between North and East!

Our “Panorama” floor is well suitable for 80 people. For smaller gatherings we offer Chambre Separeè for twelve people.

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Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday:
11 am - 12 midnight

Friday - Saturday:
11 am - 1 am

Sunday: 12 noon - 10 pm